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Al Ahqaf General Trading

Ahqaf General Trading LLC is a regional company to a group of companies and a variety of business activities operate in several regional countries, and have a pivotal and important economic interest working in several areas and is interested in offering their products and services uniquely and up to date to the requirements of the local and regional market, and is in constant and thoughtful to keep pace with the Challenges of the present and aspirations for the future.

Our Vision

For the company and its components to keep pace with all emerging and urgent needs in the local and regional market To push the wheel of development, and to adopt the method of continuous renewal in the type of services and products in line with global development with attention to the highest quality specifications and the highest levels of performance to reach the best results.

Our Mission

Providing the best services and products with a competitive advantage that meets the needs of the local, regional and international market through our companies and our specialized economic activities, reinforced by qualified technical staff and equipped with the necessary capabilities to perform their work with all competence.

Seeking to achieve,

Our Goal

The company seeks to achieve the following goals

  • To expand the circle of its activities to higher levels, to become a holding and self-sufficient group with the ability to implement mega projects with its available resources.
  • Continuously expanding the scope of its work to include all public, private and mixed sectors.
  • Providing distinguished products and services and competitive prices.
  • Keeping pace with practical and technological development and constantly striving to absorb all developments and employ them to improve the level of our services and products. 
  • Contributing to the advancement and development of society by enhancing aspects of the company’s social responsibility.

Social responsibility for the company:

The company is fully committed to its social responsibilities towards local communities by supporting these communities in various fields. As part of its social commitment, the company implements and supports projects in several important areas, including health, economics, international affairs, education, sports, social and humanitarian affairs.