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Oil and Gas Sector Services

The company seeks to provide its distinguished services in importing and marketing of petroleum derivatives in order to meet the increasing demand for oil derivatives in the local and regional markets. The company also works to provide its services to companies operating in the oil and gas fields in accordance with standards and criteria specified by the competent authorities and are counted from The leading companies in the field of importing and marketing oil derivatives and oil and gas field services at the national and regional levels. The company is also keen to adhere to international specifications and standards, and cares about the environment and works to preserve it .

Our most prominent services:

  • Various construction works in the field of building roads and bridges.
  • Real estate development, construction and equipping of hospitals and schools .
  • Providing power stations with the fuel needed to operate while providing all facilities.
  • Supplying oil derivatives from global markets in accordance with the highest international standards specified by the relevant authorities at the local and regional level.
  • Marketing of petroleum products in the local and regional markets, with an emphasis on providing the best services and prices.
  • Services of oil and gas companies and providing the necessary requirements as needed.